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Established in 1968, the Abalone Farm is now the largest aquaculture facility of its kind in the US, producing over one million California abalone per year, which constitutes over 100 tons. Abalone are environmentally-sensitive, indicator species of water pollution, but the abalone at the Abalone Farm are raised in clean, pristine waters north of Morro Bay in California. Their tanks are designed to simulate the natural growing conditions the abalone would be accustomed to in the wild. The abalone spend two months in the hatchery, before they are moved to the nursery. After about eight months, they are moved to baskets outside, and then to the grow out a year later to finish growing to harvest size. The tanks are pumped with seawater, and the abalone are fed algae and seaweed. They are hand-harvested, packaged, and delivered live to distributors within 24 hours.

The Abalone Farm, Inc. is working hard to preserve the knowledge and appreciation for this singular treasure from the oceans of the world, and is a proud participant in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program, and is listed as an environmentally smart choice by the Seafood Choices Alliance. Once common on the U.S. West Coast, the California Red Abalone became synonymous with special occasions shared with family and friends at the beach. There were once so many abalone that they could be easily collected from the rocks exposed at low tide. Unbelievably, the wild red abalone, indigenous to the United States west coast, is endangered. Pollution and increasing demand from the world market lead to a rapid decline in the wild population and the eventual closure of commercial diving for abalone. Aquaculture offers a legal and sustainable source for this gourmet seafood, allowing the Abalone Farm to produce only health, sustainable, and ocean friendly products.

The company supports the brand the Abalone Kids, which raises awareness in a digestible manner about the value of abalone and the decline of their populations. The Abalone Farm was featured on the Food Network series ‘Will Work for Food,’ and have released a DVD ‘Abalone - Gourmet Essence of the Sea’ outlining purchasing and preparation tips. recipes, and pairings for their seafood products.They have been featured in culinary competitions and festivals are California, and their locally harvested abalone can be found in local and out of area restaurants, as well as ordered through the Giovanni Fish Market & Galley.

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