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The Cultured Abalone Farm has been providing customers throughout the United States and Canada with fresh, live red abalone since 1989. Located on the Gaviota Coast in Santa Barbara, California, The Cultured Abalone Farm is committed to being the premier domestic producer of red abalone and to maintaining the highest environmental stewardship standards.

The Cultured Abalone Farm raise native red abalone throughout the abalone’s entire life cycle – from spawning and larval rearing to harvest. All of their abalone are grown and raised in shaded tanks designed to emulate the abalone’s natural environment. These tanks also utilize a seawater intake system that pumps cool, clean water from the Santa Barbara Channel. The abalones are fed a continuous diet of fresh kelp harvested sustainably by The Cultured Abalone Farm team themselves. The abalone are also fed a supplemental diet of native algae that is cultivated on-site to provide a diverse, natural diet ensuring the abalone are meeting their nutritional needs. The Cultured Abalone Farm uses no composite feeds or antibiotics at all. The result is a final product with exemplary taste and quality. 

All of The Cultured Abalone Farm’s abalones are hand harvested with only the finest products being selected to market. Abalones are shipped live and overnight shipping is available. In addition to serving customers in the United States and Canada, The Cultured Abalone Farm also extends their sales to the academic communities, providing abalone for water testing and a diversity of research initiatives. 

The Cultured Abalone Farm is proud of their enduring dedication to stewardship and their sustainable farming practices. They are committed and fairness in their interactions with their customers, employees, and vendors as they strive to restore abalone to its rightful place as an iconic California seafood product. 

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