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BC, Canada
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Established in 1979, Tri-Star Seafood Supply Ltd. is an international seafood supplier specializing in a broad spectrum of live, fresh, and frozen seafood products. Tri-Star Seafood's innovative handling and shipping of live seafood products worldwide have allowed the business to set itself apart and has also placed Tri-Star at the forefront of this niche market within the seafood industry.

To satisfy customer demand for variety, Tri-Star Seafood continuously diversifies its product lines. Tri-Star prides itself on its ability to gauge shifting trends and works to promote value in the marketplace. Tri-Star Seafood offers various seafood products harvested from the west and east coast of Canada and the USA. To ensure a constant supply of seafood, Tri-Star Seafood works with harvesters on contractual and strategic partnerships. This effort enables the company to achieve a sustainable, competitive advantage in its respective markets.


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11751 Voyageur Way
Richmond, BC V6X 3J4
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Yelloweye Rockfish
Canada - British Columbia, Outside
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Ocean Wise: Not Recommended