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Shedd Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Program aligns with the aquarium’s mission to conserve aquatic life by inspiring consumers, future chefs, and the foodservice industry to choose seafood that makes a positive impact on the health of the world’s aquatic ecosystems. For more than a decade, Shedd has provided consumers with timely, accurate information, empowering them to support sustainable fisheries and aquaculture through their purchasing power. Shedd also works closely with local restaurants, retailers, seafood distributors and culinary schools to educate current and future foodservice professionals on critical seafood issues, and to increase the availability of sustainable seafood in Chicago’s vibrant marketplace.

Shedd works with restaurants, retailers, suppliers, culinary schools and other foodservice organizations in the Chicago region by request to help provide sustainable seafood sourcing recommendations, staff trainings, informational tools and resources, as well as support for seafood promotions and events. Shedd works closely with three key partners, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition, and Kendall College to further build understanding and buy-in for sustainable seafood in Chicago. This collaboration leverages the resources and networks of each organization to amplify the efforts toward supporting the sustainable seafood movement.  A key objective of Shedd’s sustainable seafood program is to build demand for sustainable seafood through close collaboration with our peers, and Shedd is proud to support FishChoice and utilize their tools in making recommendations to and monitoring the progress of our partners' seafood sustainability commitments.  Shedd is also a supportive member of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions.


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