Kwik'pak Fisheries, LLC.

Kwik'pak Fisheries, LLC.

AK, United States
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A subsidiary of Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association, Kwik'pak Fisheries L.L.C. was formed in 2002 to provide economic security to the six Yupik Eskimo villages of the Yukon River Delta, which range in size from 200 to 1,000 people. The company's mission is to promote and establish sustainable economic development in the region. Kwik'pak is the major buyer of wild Yukon River salmon, which are world-famous for their exceptionally high oil content and flavor.

In spite of Kwik'pak's remote location, its main processing facility in Emmonak boasts modern ice making, unloading, grading, packing, and freezing equipment. Because of its community ownership and involvement, Kwik'pak Fisheries is the only seafood company allowed membership into the Fair Trade Federation. The company offers both fresh and frozen Yukon salmon, including value-added portions and smoked. All products are fully traceable, ensuring customers get the best wild salmon Alaska has to offer. Kwik'pak uses Trace Register to track all shipments through the supply chain so you can be sure you are receiving the best Keta salmon from the community-owned and run fishery.

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