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Established in 2005, MiCal Seafood Inc. of Cooper City, Florida is an importer and distributor of wholesale seafood, serving discerning retailers and restaurants worldwide. With over 100 years of collective experience in the industry, the passion of MiCal Seafood’s core group of seasoned and knowledgeable seafood professionals for the seafood industry shows in their commitment to quality, integrity, and service.

Primarily specializing in Caribbean species of reef, coastal pelagic and ocean pelagic fish varieties, MiCal Seafood’s fish are predominantly wild-caught in fisheries throughout Central, South America, and Asia. A variety of species are shipped to the U.S. daily in a multitude of advantageous fresh and frozen product forms. Processing facilities in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname, Guyana, and Brazil allow for expedited processing under strict sanitary and handling controls, ensuring only the highest-quality end products for their customers.

MiCal Seafood knows the important role that seafood suppliers play in the wellbeing of global environments and seafood resources, and as such, takes measures that contribute to the longevity of harvested species and their habitats. MiCal Seafood’s sustainable seafood policy is based on the Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood developed by the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (CASS). The Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood sets guiding principles for improving sourcing practices throughout the supply chain in addition to assistance in becoming an active stakeholder in the sustainable seafood movement.

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10400 Griffin Rd Suite 209
Cooper City, FL 33328
United States
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Seafood Product Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating FIP Source
Pacific Ocean - Southeast
Drifting Longlines
Seafood Watch: Avoid
Unassessed Origin
Unassessed Fishing Methods
Seafood Watch: Unrated
Spiny Lobster (Caribbean)
Honduras (FIP)
Seafood Watch: Avoid
FIP product
Yellowfin Tuna
Indian Ocean
Seafood Watch: Avoid
Yellowfin Tuna
Pacific Ocean - East
Hand-Operated Pole-and-Lines; Trolling Lines
Seafood Watch: Unrated
Yellowfin Tuna
Pacific Ocean - West Central
Drifting Longlines
Seafood Watch: Avoid