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FisheryProgress is the one-stop shop for information on the progress of global fishery improvement projects (FIPs). The platform makes tracking fishery improvement project progress more efficient, consistent, and reliable for businesses supporting or interested in supporting FIPs. A FIP is a multi-stakeholder effort to address environmental challenges in a fishery. FIPs utilize the power of the private sector to incentivize positive changes toward sustainability in the fishery and seek to make these improvements endure through policy change. The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions outlined the core elements of a FIP in guidelines that can be accessed here.

As the number of FIPs around the world has grown, businesses and conservation organizations needed an easier way to access consistent, credible information about FIP progress. FisheryProgress was launched in October 2016 to solve this issue. The website gives a range of information about global FIPs from a snapshot of progress and opportunities to get involved to detailed evidence for improvements.

By participating in and sourcing from FIPs that are making progress and meeting their targets, industry members are able to maintain or widen the diversity of their seafood offerings, while enhancing their reputation for responsible business practices.

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