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DC, United States
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Profish, an OceanPro Industries company is the premier seafood company in Washington DC. The company is dedicated to bringing the finest, safest and most varied line of seafood to customers' table. With over twenty years of business experience, Profish has established itself as a company responsive to the needs of its customers while maintaining a strict regiment of always striving to have the freshest available seafood product at a price that's always highly competitive. With a 15,000 square foot warehouse located in Washington DC, Profish services over twenty-five hundred accounts. They maintain a fleet of twenty-four trucks and employ over ninety people. Their customer base is strong, loyal and growing every day. Their customers extend from New York City to Virginia Beach, and include Washington DC, Philadelphia, and all the major cities in between.

When it comes to experience, Profish has a combined 250 years of experience working as buyers and sellers they know seafood. The company watches the market conditions and strives to provide the most up to date information possible. They see their customers as their partners and provide unparalleled service and knowledge about the market and the industry. Profish prides itself on its community involvement and community spirit. We have partnered with many organizations to help their local community grow and be more responsive to the basic needs of life. Profish sees education as a cornerstone issue and have put our efforts from DC Central Kitchen to the Restaurant Association Education Foundation, to the Ward 5 Business Association Profish is a partner you can count on.

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  • MSC-C-52366
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1900 Fenwick St. NE
Washington, DC 20002
United States
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
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Whiteleg Shrimp
Intensive Pond
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative
Yellowfin Tuna
Atlantic Ocean
Purse Seine - Floating Object
Seafood Watch: Avoid