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The Tuna Store LLC

Fisher, Importer, Processor, Wholesaler
WA, United States
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The Tuna Store of Bellevue, Washington is a vertically integrated supplier of private label and branded consumer tuna products, including packaged cans and pouches. Their vertical integration affords them unique access to prized seafood resources, allowing The Tuna Store to control every link in the supply chain - giving their customers quality, sustainability and traceability from fish to finished goods. The Tuna Store is also part of the Tri Marine Group and operates with an American-flagged fleet.

Under their brand name Ocean Naturals and in private label programs for retail and foodservice businesses, The Tuna Store brings high-quality tuna products to family tables across the United States and Canada. Their Ocean Naturals products start with only wild, responsibly-caught fish, using few additional ingredients, all of which a consumer will recognize - salt, water, and olive oil. The company strictly defines what goes into each of its products so the tuna isn’t a combination of mystery fish, but rather 100% of the fish that is on the can's label. Committed to only providing tuna that is 100% free-school caught, all tuna in the Ocean Naturals line is also caught without the use of FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) to help reduce bycatch. In addition to operating FAD free, all of Ocean Naturals tuna products carry a dolphin safe guarantee.

Customers purchasing Ocean Naturals tuna can be assured that all tuna used in these products have been harvested from target species populations that are healthy and abundant and are currently being harvested at a level that promotes the stocks’ longevity. Taking additional steps to promote responsible sourcing, all their tuna is harvested using catch methods that limit ecosystem impacts and is caught in regions where tuna fisheries are managed by regulatory bodies that help sustain long-term productivity of all impacted species.

Beyond sourcing, The Tuna Store recognizes their responsibility to both educate, and take part in sustaining ocean resources for the future and takes active steps to promote positive change throughout the supply chain. These initiatives include sponsoring scientific research, promoting Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable products and collaborating with a wide range of social and environmental NGO’s.


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  • MSC-C-53198

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